Saturday, October 22, 2011

California Love

Our trip to California (back in March) started off so fun.  We flew into Burbank like we had done so many times before.  This time was different, we were going to visit, not to return home.  This was our first trip back to our old stomping grounds since we drove away from our apartment in 2008.  Wow, I can't believe it has been that long.  

We stayed with our good friends the Moores and the Wrights.  These two families live together in a house in Pasadena.  All together we had 6 adults and 4 kids living under one roof, it was so fun!  

We strolled down Colorado blvd and did some window shopping.  We got to eat at a few of our favorite restaurants.  It was all so perfect.  Then we received some of the worst news we have ever received and immediately flew back home.  

I have had a hard time posting this post.  Mainly because it takes me back to that day, a day that I wish would have never happened.  I want to document this trip because it was a special one, but unfortunately it is clouded by the horrific death of a close friend.  

Here are some of the pictures from our trip. 

 I had to make some bumpers out of sheets.  It looked ridiculous. 

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