Friday, June 24, 2011

Swimming, Sunshine, and Snowcones

Today was a fun one over here at the Smith house.  It was your typical blazing hot Texas day so I decided it was time to let James play in the baby pool.   We have definitely had a massive down grade in the pool department.  We recently took out our 13,000 gallon pool and now we have a 3 gallon baby pool to replace it.  I know, I know, but at least I'm not paying a million dollars a month to have a green swamp in my back yard.  Anyway, James had a blast!  He was all over that baby pool.  He would get in splash and then rush out and crawl over to the crazy sprinkler/caterpillar guy.  I finally had to just call it and say it was time to go in.  I wonder how long he would have played back there.  

We then headed over to get James his first snow cone, which was a pretty big deal around here.  We went to the Snowflake Factory and it was great!  James got his grape/bubble gum snow cone (b/c I always got bubble gum as a kid and Jerimiah always got grape.  We couldn't decide which would be a better first snow cone so we went with both.  I'm pretty sure he liked the bubble gum part best).  He was a little hesitant at first, but he LOVED it!  He ended up spilling the snow cone all over himself and all over Jerimiah.  It was great!  The only down side was that James had a sugar high and decided he didn't need to nap today.  Oh well, I guess he'll crash tonight.   I love summer!


Sunday, June 5, 2011

9 Month Photo Shoot

I can't believe that my baby is 9 months old...actually he will be 10 months in just a week and a half.  This is all freaking me out because that means that the one year birthday party is right around the corner...ahh!
9 months has been such a fun age.  James has been crawling and pulling up on everything!  That kid is everywhere.  He keeps me busy all day long.  James has developed quite the little personality.  He recently started kissing us.  That will melt your heart.  He will look right at me and then give me a great big wide mouthed kiss, I love it!  He has also gotten better at saying bye bye.  This month James took his 4th and 5th flights.  We went to Florida and Oklahoma City.   He will also be going to his first youth camp in his 9th month.  I love that all the youth at church just love him and play with him.  I think he will have a good week...we'll see.   Another fun thing that James will get to do in his 9th month is go to the annual King family reunion.  That is Jerimiah's mom's family reunion.  Needless to say, this 9th month has been crazy busy.  We have traveled somewhere almost every week of this month.  James is such a trooper.  He is also getting a little better at eating finger foods and drinking from a sippy cup.  We love you James!!

Here are a few pics from his 9 month photo shoot.  I found a new location and I just LOVE it!!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Mothers Day. Better Late Than Never.

I wanted to write about this very special and important day.  I am a little behind with this post, but it was just such a perfect weekend that I couldn't forget to post.  

Mother's Day weekend was such a special time.  My wonderful mother decided to drive down with my dad and spend a day with us.  I can't tell you how special it was for me to be able to spend this day with my mom and my son.  My heart was so full I think it could have burst.  My mom and I love to go antique shopping and even better we LOVE tea rooms.  So the Antique Mall off of Montgomery St in Fort Worth was the perfect spot for us.  The sampler was amazingly delicious!  We sipped our tea, enjoyed our poppy seed fruit dip and talked about how special the day was.  

There is just something about our moms.  I have always loved and respected my mother and we are very close, but now that I am a mother myself I can appreciate all of the sacrifices she made for my brother and me.  My mom has a strong will and a heart for the Lord.  My mom was determined to raise her children in the church and raise them to know the love of Jesus.  This was not the life she grew up in but one that she desperately wanted for her small family.  Sometimes I am blown away by my mom.  She never had a model to look to when she was raising us.  I have asked her before how she knew what to do with us and why she didn't just do what was done with her.  She always says that it was Jesus.  When she was a small child she knew that she was special because of Him.  When you become a parent you tend to remember everything your parents did for you and you reflect that model in most of the things you do with your kids, at least that has been the case for us.  I have wondered many times what my young mother must have prayed to Jesus at night as she tucked us into bed and prayed for guidance.  I bet our prayers are similar.  

Well after tea and antiques my weekend continued to get better and better.  On Sunday, Mother's Day, I woke up and fed my James and then closed my eyes and was lead outside to our backyard where my Mother's Day present awaited my arrival.  I got a tree (which I have been wanting to watch grow as James grows) and a TON of flowers, it was the BEST!!!  The greatest gift was the little hand print and cement plaque that James made for me.  It was so special and warmed my little heart.  I have to give some major props to my hubby who is one of the greatest gift givers in the history of gift giving.  This guy is so thoughtful when it comes to gifts.  I could brag on him all day about this.  Needless to say this was a very special gift for me (did I mention that we just filled in our pool and put down grass and we have been needing flowers for a while?  No? Well that will be another post, coming soon!).  

We headed to church and then enjoyed a delicious brunch at Mac's.  Wow, that place is ridiculous.  If you haven't been, you really need to check it out.  When we got home we spent the afternoon planting.  Jerimiah planted my new tree.  I call it my James tree.  We put the little plaque under it and added a few knock out rose bushes and a few other flowers around it and it is lovely.  I finished planting all the flats in the backyard and it was so perfect.  

All in all it was the best first Mother's Day...ever.  I was overwhelmed with all that I have been blessed with.  I was emotional, I was grateful, I was humbled.  There will never be words to describe how much I have longed to arrive at this day, Mother's Day.  To be a mother.  To have a child.  I prayed so long and hard for this and here it is.  I still don't believe it.  I still look at James in awe of his Creator and I still can't believe that I have been given such a miracle.  I still believe that Jesus performs miracles everyday and I am lucky enough to be reminded of that daily.  Mother's Day, what an honor to be able to celebrate this day with my mother and my son.  God is good. 

Ooops, I forgot to mention that on Saturday morning we woke up and went to IHOP, my favorite breakfast place.