Friday, February 4, 2011

Let it Snow!

   I LOVE SNOW!!  It was so much fun to wake up this morning to see that we had gotten so much snow!  James woke up around 6:40 so I was up bright and early.  We sat in our "sun room" and looked out the window as the snow continued to fall.  It was so beautiful.  Jerimiah woke up about 30 mins later and I went outside and took these pictures of the snow.  It was magical walking around in the freshly fallen snow.  I loved being the first person to walk on it and make prints in the snow.  I also appreciated the quiet of the morning.  It was abnormally still and quite outside, which added to the beauty of the moment. 
  It's funny how much stuff you realize you have when you are stuck in your house for 4 days straight.  I have found so many old things that I forgot that I had, like old picture frames, vases, my grandma's old knitting needles, and some really cool pancake molds.  I know, very random, but I found some heart shaped pancake molds that I put to good use this morning.  I thought that it would be appropriate to have a Valentine's Day themed breakfast since we are just a little over a week away from the day.    They were great!  I would highly recommend buying some pancake molds to spice up your morning pancakes and to let your loved ones know they are loved : )
   I am a little embarrassed to admit this, but I had a very sad attempt to build a snowman today.   It was an unfortunate failure.  You see, I turn into a 6 year old little kid when it comes to snow.  I want to go play in it, build stuff, roll in it, make snow ice cream, the whole 9 yards.  So I went out today to build a snowman and I was really excited.  I planned it all morning.  I knew that James would take a nap around noon and that is when I would go.  So I gathered all my gear (scarf, hat, buttons for eyes and mouth) and headed out.  To my disappointment the snow was not sticking well and I realized it takes alot of effort to make a good snowman.  After I started getting a little winded with all the snow gathering and rolling, I gave up.  So we have a sad little clump of snow in our front yard, definitely not picture worthy.  I am sure I looked like a fool to the neighbors.  What 29 year old goes out and makes a snowman by herself, yikes.  To make up for my disappointment Solie and I went on a little walk up the street.  It was great.  
  Well, I guess I better go be productive in some way.  Maybe I will be blogging again later, I am really starting to like this.  My fear is that when life gets back to normal I won't be a very consistant blogger anymore...we'll see.  I have done pretty good so far so hopefully I can keep this up.  Talk to ya soon!


  1. I love these pictures Jennifer! You are so very talented! And I have pancake molds too - I used them last Valentine's Day for Kaitlyn, but I think I'm going to steal your message idea. You are so creative!

  2. I am crazy for these snow pics! SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!!