Thursday, February 3, 2011

I Love Snow Days!

Everybody loves a snow day but when you get three in a row, well, that's just a little slice of heaven.  I have loved being snowed/iced in these last few days.  I was telling Jer the other day that it seems like it is God's way of forcing us to relax and stop the crazy busy life that we all live.  Spending time with Jer, James, and Solie for the past few days has been priceless.  If you know Jer and me, we really can't sit still for too long.  We have rearranged or redecorated about three rooms in our house, its been so much fun!  I will post pics when everything is finalized.  I have also learned alot of new stuff of photoshop and have worked on some photography projects, personal and professional.  I have also started a personal blog, which is obvious since you are reading it : )  
  James has been having fun playing with his toys and sitting up with out assistance, a huge deal around here.  I also bundled him up in the clothes we bought him for our Colorado trip (which was supposed to be on Wednesday but go canceled due to weather) and sat him in the snow for approx 30 seconds.  Solie joined us outside and decided to dig a hole in the backyard.  She had to have her second bath in three days due to mud all over her face and feet.  She kills me.  Jer has been working/studying for Wake Up Weekend coming up soon.  He's the speaker for the event.  Yeah, he's my husband, he's kind of a big deal.  Hope you are all staying warm!!

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  1. Great pictures Jennifer! So excited to get to see James and hear what you all are doing.