Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A day in the life.

A few days ago I decided to see what this kid would do if I just let him roam the house without me saying "no, don't touch that, we can't go in there, that's not a good idea, lets not".  So I got my camera ready and stayed back a bit and just watched.  I am always trying to figure out this little guy.  What does he like, what is he thinking about, what will he want to do when he gets older?  So in an attempt to learn more about my kid and to just document his habits at one year, I decided to let him roam free in the house.  I decided that about 20 mins would be enough.  I had to intervene a few times but overall I learned alot about this little guy. 

He started off with some books.  James loves books.

 I had to intervene here.  This kid is a climber and he will climb on pretty much anything he can get that knee on.  We usually keep this part of the house closed for that very reason. 
 He loves this car. 
 We don't have cable or really any kids programing so I put on the greatest cartoon/movie ever, Aladdin.  The Lion King is up there too.  James liked this for approx 5 mins and then he was off to another room.

 You know that creepy neighbor across the street that's always looking through their blinds?  Well, that's James.  This is what he does.  He likes to open up a little space and stick his little face in it and look around.  He is very serious about this neighborhood watch program we've got going on. 

 James does this everyday or at least he tries.  Trying to teach a 1 year old that it's not a good use of resources to waste an entire roll of toilet paper doesn't usually work...at least for this kid. 

 But look at how much fun it is!

 Ok buddy, this is definitely a one time thing.  Momma needs to document this stuff so enjoy it while you can.  But I'm not gonna lie, it's pretty cute.  
 Yes, he emptied out the entire roll.
Next stop: the nursery.  Now this is a cute picture, so peaceful and sweet.  
 Ok, enough of that sweet stuff.  Now I need to empty out this middle shelf.  Nice.
 And he's off...

Pit stop in the bathroom,
 but not for long!
 This is an image I see everyday.  I am so glad I was able to capture the following pictures.  James just loves Solie.  When she goes outside he likes to look at her out the window and wait for her to come back to the door so I can let her back in.  So, so, SO sweet!

 Now that is love.
 Oh Solie dog, I'm sorry I haven't taken you to get groomed.  Don't hate me.  I've been busy.  Really, really busy.  But you still look pretty cute!
James decided he wanted to get in Solie's bed.  Solie was a trooper.  She just watched and wished I would let her back outside.  

 Little Man and Solie Dog
 Can you see him?  He's in his favorite kitchen spot...
 about to open his favorite door. 
This was a fun little experiment.  I loved getting to see James being James.  He is all boy.  Man I love that kid. 

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