Monday, March 5, 2012

Cake Baking

Ever since I bought James the Elmo's World DVDs for Christmas life has not been the same for our little man.  He is pretty much obsessed with that little red monster.  It really is so amusing to see how attached he is to Elmo.  We don't currently have cable, so this is his one and only moment to watch a kid type show.  One of the episodes on Elmo's World was about birthdays.  They had a little boy and his dad make a birthday cake for his mom.  James has been saying "cake" alot lately, so I decided (on a slow, rainy day) that it was time to teach James how to bake a cake.  Below is our experience.  It was so much fun.  James especially loved making the frosting and eating the frosting, ha!  I love that kid of mine!!

As you can see he had alot of fun and made a pretty decent mess.  Oh well, that's just the way it goes. 

 Yes, those are Christmas pj's.  They still fit and they look really cute on him so I say keep em!

 We did a little light house work while we waited for the cake to finish baking.  I am training my child to clean my house and make me cakes...some day this is going to be awesome!

 Here it is!!

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