Sunday, March 13, 2011

6 Month Photo Shoot

I can not believe that 6 months has already come and gone.  This was a big month for our little man.  During his sixth month James accomplished the following:

1.) James started eating solids: rice cereal, peas, green beans, sweet potatoes, and now carrots.  Alot of people told me it would take a while for him to really get the concept of eating not so much for this little fella.  It took him about three days to understand that the food needed to stay IN his mouth for him to actually enjoy it.  He LOVES to eat, but that doesn't really surprise me, he is a Smith boy and Smith boys know how to eat.  He also started drinking apple juice...yum! 

2.)  James has started the journey of learning how to crawl.  He is so close!  He started getting on his hands and knees and doing the "baby rock" as some call it.  He tries so hard to crawl everyday and he is getting so close.  My prediction is that he will be crawling by 8 months...we'll see.

3.)  James officially started teething in his 6th month.  He currently has 4 teeth, wow!  Two of his lower middle teeth are in completely.  He has one tooth on the top that is slowing making its way out and one on the bottom right that is slowly coming through.  He has been a trooper though it all.

4.)  James had his dedication service in this month.  You can check it out on our blog.

5.)  James visited the west coast.  We went back to Pasadena, California a few weeks ago.  We will blog more about that soon.

6.)  James officially started to show off his dance moves...yeah that's right, our boy has started bouncing around to certain beats of music.  I have to say that I'm not surprised...his parents know how to bust a move, ha!

I am sure there are more things that I need to add to this list, but these are the ones that are the most significant right now.

We love you baby James!  You are the best blessing we have ever received.  Getting to watch you grow each and everyday is something we cherish.  I always tell your dad that I wish I could slow down time because I don't want you to grow up to fast.  I am loving every second of your life.  My favorite moments are when you are still a little sleepy in the mornings and you fall asleep on my chest.  I could do that all day everyday.  Although I can't wait to learn your favorite color, your favorite animal, and hear you finally say mommy, I am enjoying this stage you are in right now.  You are a miracle to us.  I pray that I never take a single day for granted.  We are looking forward to month 7!


  1. Oh my word!
    Question: Could he be ANY cuter???
    Answer: NO
    I NEED to be squeezing him- RIGHT NOW!